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Mice HR−1
Animal production facilities
  【 Animal husbandry
Temperature 21-27℃
Humidity 50-80%
Lighting 300 lx 【Light】 7:00-19:00 【Dark】 19:00-7:00
Air Sterilized by 3-stage filters, front, middle, and final (HEPA)
Aeration Pan-type air conditioner-diffuser blowout style
  【 Feeds
Autoclaved solid pellets from Nihon Nosan Kogyo K.K. are used.
  【 Production style
 ① Closed colonies  Maintained and produced by cyclic mating system.
 ② Inbred strains  Foundation stock colonies: The "seed stock" of each strain is maintained and produced by brother-sister mating.  Multiplication colonies: Animals from stock colonies are multiplied by brother-sister mating to produce production colony animals and F1 production animals.  Production colonies: These colonies consist of animals from multiplication colonies and they are multiplied by non-brother-sister mating to produce laboratory animals to be used for experiments.
  【 Entry
 Anyone entering a barriers-system animal room must remove clothes, sterilize his/her hands and feet, take a shower, and then wear sterilized work clothes, a cap, a mask, and rubber boots before entering.