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NSY (Mouse model of type 2 diabetes)

  Description  NSY mice spontaneously develop diabetes mellitus in an age-dependent manner. The cumulative incidence of diabetes is 98% in males and 31% in females at 48 weeks of age. Neither severe obesity nor extreme hyperinsulinaemia is observed at any age in these mice. Glucose-stimulated insulin secretion was markedly impaired in NSY mice after 24 weeks of age. [1]
 NSY mouse closely mimics human Type 2 (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes mellitus in that the onset is age-dependent, the animals are not severely obese, and both insulin resistance and impaired insulin response to glucose contribute to disease development. [2]
  Reseach Type 2 diabetes
  Development  The NSY (Nagoya-Shibata-Yasuda) mouse was established as an inbred strain of mouse with spontaneous development of diabetes mellitus, by selective breeding for glucose intolerance from outbred Jcl:ICR mice. [1] To Hoshino Laboratory Animals, Inc. from Osaka University in 2002 at F55.  
  Attention The breeding is prohibited.  
  References [1] Ueda, H. et al. The NSY mouse: a new animal model of spontaneous NIDDM with moderate obesity. Diabetologia 38, 503–508 (1995).

[2] Ueda, H. et al. Age-dependent changes in phenotypes and candidate gene analysis in a polygenic animal model of Type II diabetes mellitus; NSY mouse. Diabetologia 43, 932–8 (2000).

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